Today =D

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Today =D..Moring

My Mom Just Call Mi Wake Up Two Time ...

So Behtan >.<...

Just Go To Bath ..Eat Breadfest ..

Eat This..I Like Na>.<..Ahhaha^^

Many Thing le...0 (o_o) 0

I Just Eat Curry Rat Pot ..Daddy Eat x2 "猪长分"

Mami Eat X1 猪长分 x1 Curry Rat Pot 1/2..

And Any Fried Thing--

So Cazzy ..Just Rm 37.50 Neh,,


Then Go To Buy Daddy Geh Fish Thing >.<

So Late I At Car 2Hour@@

Omg--..I Knoe I m Sampat

Nevermind .Mami Promiss Mi Today Go to Mid Valley

OhYeah!!Happy =D

2Pm..Go Back Home .Then After Go to My Ayi New House

I Theer Ayi Come To Live Jorh @@

1ST IS My Mom Come To Live

2nd Is My Num1 Ayi Come Live Wangsa Maju -> Sri Gombak

3tp Is My Num3 Ayi Come Steapak -> Sri Gombak

4nd Is My Num Four  Ayi Come Ampang-> Sri Gombak

Wow!!So Carzzy @-@

Just Ok La..Can So Near ..Want Go To wear Sleep Also Can xDDD

I Go To See Now House..So Leng Arh >.<
Buy This House Want Rm40000.00 Spruce Want Rm1,000,00.00

Omg==..So carzzy One..说不到有钱就是有钱

Go Spa..Ahaha...Sure Lo....See Her Out Side 

So see Out Side So Small..But Inside Like 迷宫

风景一流^^ 可以看到一片森林

Wow!!I Like It.But I Do Dream 1st

Then Just Go Back Home _Write Bolg


Later Mid Valley =D