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妳毀了我的心! (=

不管怎樣都好,祝福你開心 .

In my heart remind yourself. You are the best. But, you destroy me my heart.To everyone's fine.
i choose to give up everything.
You exactly how to heart? I want to ask.
You love her, or me?
I chose to leave with a game..

Do not think that I have take scenery, I am in fact not..
I am really hurt my  heart.
My daughter often say, habit good..

As long as we as a good friend, whatever.

Once we loved each other....

Yesterday a personal lonely down

Oneself aborting tears.

I found the truth.

Myself disappointment. Deplore greatly.
Why do you want to cheat me.

28.12 we are best friend !


Chat Box ___

memorise : Thx Babes ! <3
Yenyen : Thank Mami ! Mwaa (=
Jw: Coming everyday wor !xD
Kopi : Yoyy ! Waahahah ! Welcome (=
Choclate : BB Thx Change Link !
 XiiaoT: Yo ! I know .my muimui !<3
non-mainstream: Wlc Wor !xD
 小敏 xīīåo мīи : Thank Come Wor

Page 1 !

Zhu : Welcome Ya ! x)
Teddy Mui : Thank you !
Siew Mai : I Not cutie la ~ you more cutie ^^v
Xiaoling : You bolg also nice (=
Shenny : Welcome ..(=
Girl ; Thank , you also !

Page 2!

Sorry ! Long time no reply comment !



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Sorry my dearst friend . bcz this 27 i cannot roller.
Actually,my father no free to curry mi go ><
Next time , i sure recover . i m so sorry !

Right! I am back.

This time, I really want to go shopping wif my mom . yer.bcz i so miss my baby girl
Long time no see her.TT

Not say anymore. 12 o 'clock to eat breakfast.
1 clock to walk more than wangsa to.. The first time to find my baby miss xD
Then go to buy the tickets.
Originally wanted to see "sky line". Since no!! declan
No relationship to pull. Go to see my favorite movie! Ghost movie ! xD


Actually, not very nice. But a bit funny.

First: to get my vomit feeling
Second: very dizzy -. -

Watch out, I seek my baby chat.

Chat is finished, I'll go buy shoes.
I really like this pair of shoes
"LINE 7"

5 o 'clock, went home. Waiting for mommy. 38 took a lot of photos! -.- wahahaha !

Piggie LOOK !*
like so fuuny ~ -.-

LOL!-.- so my mother until modly ! xD

at ther car . see the children . Wakao !Rabbit tooth . very cutiess ! .
6pm back home ! waiting my father come back !

My birthday countdwon 22Day's .

waiting ! 4.12 sunway .




Hanq Out ! x)

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12点多才起床..本来想去 "事场街"走走的!


不要去了.-.- ! 就近近"wangsa maju jasco" 呼呼!


自己洗麦啦..将来洗都要用了RM20 ! 宣布破产 TT.

本来想买Hello Kitty 的香水.想想下不要买.-.-

因为我用管了"juicycouture " 的香水.


可爱borh !xD

6归家去! 晚上,根家人去规扒-.-

10pm 跟我的宝贝门去Yam Cha !


Sunway Lagon  ! 4.12

By:MunMun x)




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Dun talk so much . bcz i m so tired =.= ;

jump to 5'clock .  travel titiwangsa  monorail go to sungai wang

at sungai wang place ! OMG! rainig!! -.-

nevermid x) got umbrella ..3 by 3 -.-

at there ! go up 6 floor ..in jogoya eathing.

but this time very special . we sit at VIP room ..

Picha ! x) At here " Just Click "

11pm Just home sweet home


By: Chanel Ong
很好的一句. 看的明白知道的道理. ^ ^

短短的一句 , 可以改变你的人身..那算是什么?

我现在才明白. 做人不容易. 要付出代价.


那么简单的一句? 你该知道的道理 !

姐姐说: 爱情就只是一场开玩笑?


不开玩笑, 你认真,男的会觉得你很烦.

到此为之..感觉今天很累. 睡了又睡. ><


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*Yes ! Is mi ! Munmun Yap

Teehee '

Just come back from my primary school !

so miss my old friend *

Angrh ! vice-principal I HATE YOU !

Drive out we at shcool = =

Okey ! Nvm just and my old friend go to makmak *Tea

1Hour at makmak .

Later ! Change makmak . Pizza Huat 2round !

Nvm .Got people help mi to gave money !

Mwaa 12pm

Home Sweet Home _________________

Later 7pm go to my counis home BBQ

By :MunMun