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妳毀了我的心! (=

不管怎樣都好,祝福你開心 .

In my heart remind yourself. You are the best. But, you destroy me my heart.To everyone's fine.
i choose to give up everything.
You exactly how to heart? I want to ask.
You love her, or me?
I chose to leave with a game..

Do not think that I have take scenery, I am in fact not..
I am really hurt my  heart.
My daughter often say, habit good..

As long as we as a good friend, whatever.

Once we loved each other....

Yesterday a personal lonely down

Oneself aborting tears.

I found the truth.

Myself disappointment. Deplore greatly.
Why do you want to cheat me.

28.12 we are best friend !


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