Date past due !!xDD

Comment : 
16.October ;

Gud moring . wif my boubui go to " Wangsa Walk " 

see movie x)..HoHo.wake up ardy so late x(

cannot go to see " 童眼" ardy >~< ||
nevermid go to see" Sammy's Adventures 3D "

 Hoho..Every good this movie ♥ ♥

later .wif my one darling go to buy secert recisp Cakesssss xD

Bcz my mummy B.D ♥ 

Mummy Happy Birthday To You ! I Love You x)

Buy jorh .. mummy geh  favites x)

Night ; n family go to eat mummum...
n go to yam cha wif my boubui ! 12pm back Home


17  October ;

Morinig ?!  No! is aftrnoon  Wahahah !

Go to my house there makan Nasi Lemak !! Sedapp ..but fat sie ><
playing computer !!.8pm wif we famiy and boubui famiy go to eat dinnier.xD

OMG =.= many thing ..13people eat 8plate thing No smell ig Bigger !!
So Fulll !! and there and boubui " chui shui " xDD

10pm Tesco buy thing !!..hoho .buy jorh my many thing ..
later ! back home ..tired >~< ,,,

Bye x)