Diary 8/9 !!!xDD

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Wee`Wang`Wang !!?xD

I M Coming To Here =D

Want Happy Birthday To My Babes Lak !!xD

9/9 Niu Nai Babes . 9/9 Yee Kent

Happy Birthday To You Two wa!! ;)

Must Be Friend Forever Arh~
Wahaha=D.Yesterday And Today Many People Ask Mi Got Go To Roller

Sorry .=(..I Cannot Go.No People Carry. N I Want Be a Gud Girl!!xD

Okey =D.Diray Coming

One Word " Sienz "

I Want Be a Sot Girl Ardy .Just At Home Eat . Sleeping , Playing Cm

Wat Can I Do~!!!!!

Tomoro I Dun Wan Talk So Much !!xD.I Want To Hang Out .

Go were!?~Pasar Malan Only !Adui!

But Also Got Go to Walk Walk.Have An Easy Time At Home =_=

NeverMid .Lest Go To My Mom ~Buy T.SHIRT

Tomoro See Niu Nai .Kar Men . Xiiao Y. Sammi

But I Don Noe This 38Babes Got Go Borh ~=D

Gud Nite Mwaa .