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Sorry my dearst friend . bcz this 27 i cannot roller.
Actually,my father no free to curry mi go ><
Next time , i sure recover . i m so sorry !

Right! I am back.

This time, I really want to go shopping wif my mom . yer.bcz i so miss my baby girl
Long time no see her.TT

Not say anymore. 12 o 'clock to eat breakfast.
1 clock to walk more than wangsa to.. The first time to find my baby miss xD
Then go to buy the tickets.
Originally wanted to see "sky line". Since no!! declan
No relationship to pull. Go to see my favorite movie! Ghost movie ! xD


Actually, not very nice. But a bit funny.

First: to get my vomit feeling
Second: very dizzy -. -

Watch out, I seek my baby chat.

Chat is finished, I'll go buy shoes.
I really like this pair of shoes
"LINE 7"

5 o 'clock, went home. Waiting for mommy. 38 took a lot of photos! -.- wahahaha !

Piggie LOOK !*
like so fuuny ~ -.-

LOL!-.- so my mother until modly ! xD

at ther car . see the children . Wakao !Rabbit tooth . very cutiess ! .
6pm back home ! waiting my father come back !

My birthday countdwon 22Day's .

waiting ! 4.12 sunway .