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Morinig , 11pm Go to Sentul LRT
Dun wan Carry Daddy Car.
LRT So Fast .xD

Wahah.At LRT 45M Can Go To Kelatan .So Fast Orh ~Carry Car Want 2Hour..==

Then 2pm At Ship There   Gave Mi Rain ZZ..Okey 30m At Kelatan Jorh~Lunch Time .

Wahah..Go To.Eat ...新村盗!xD....我爱!!!!


Later .Go To 6pm Go To Trip xD.....Song Arh !!!xD.

LRT Agin .xD.Back To Sentui 7pm

Go To My House There Eat Dinnier And Yam Cha.

Wahah.12pm Back Home.

Bye .

Cameron Highlands

Comment : 

6+ Wake Up Lu ~Cameron Highlands I M Comeing

Zap Zap Lam Faster Go to Bath Yehuu x)

Later Wif 3Family Go To Eat Dim Sum ..Kepong xD


Okey x).Later Carry Daddy Car Go To " Cameron Highlands "

At Car I N Sister Every BuzyBoady .Cik Cak Agin

Sexy Gua N Ham Sap =D
OMG .!!!!Many Car Wow!xD

Go To " PuPu " Now =D
Big JiMui !I Love It

Mi N Sister =D
So Nice =D.I Like This xD
Anthor Come Here See

30 m.Go To Eat Luach ..xD
Wow!!Yummy I Like It =D

Next Stop : Starberry Fram
xD.Yeah I Not Buy Just to steal
Starberry So Big So Sweet

JieJie At There Go To Eat Starberry Ice-Cream


Next Pasar Malan...WakakaxD

I Like This ....YummyxD.^^

Babes Want Borh !!!!

Ji Mui !!4ever xD

Two Dao Gei !!!!!!

Later Go to Shopping .xD.Buy Thing Gave My JiMui 

Go To Penglan Eat Dinner ...Bye To My Cameron Highland.

1pm Back To My Home