Cik Cak !!!?xDDD

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Today ;).Moring Call To My Darling

Then Wake Up to Myself Wif Mammy Go to Mummum

Later Wif Mummy And Aunti , cousin Go To Kingdou Offer

Bcz Want Buy MoonCake And Tiramisu

Offer 45% So Cheep

At Kepong Ther.

Buy All Thing .Go To Kepong Jusco See Movie

So Long Time No Go To See Movie

At First , Go to See "食人鱼"

But The Counter Want See IC

I Go out Where Got Take IC Geh =___=

Dun Wan See~Go To See "Vampire Suck"

Then Go To Buy Eat.~Haha.My Biao Mui Laguh Mi~

Say : Why You want Eat Black Hot Dot Dun Wan Bread.  

Why Cnt To Eat =___=


Wow!This Movie So Nice =DD

I like It!!!?At Movie Station I laugh So Funny @_@


Nevermid.Happing Rite

Later See Finish =D.

Go Back to house.9Pm.Going To Setapak Eat Dinner

Finish It=DGud Nite My Babes

My Today Picter !!!xDDDDD